Architectural trends will be a part of the next decade

Architects must constantly create visually stunning structures. Here are some architecture trends that could become more common in the coming decade.

1. Skyscrapers constructed from wood

Scandinavian architects are gaining recognition for their innovative designs of skyscrapers that consist of multiple wooden stories stacked on top of one another. The result is stunning and could become a common sight in cities within the next decade. When you need Monmouth Architect services, go to

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2. Floating pools

New York designers created a floating pool that floats on a river. They used a filtration system. According to Arch Daily if swimming pools are created in the future they may look like this.

3. Compostable design

The built environment is increasingly concerned with environmental issues, and it’s not surprising that more structures are being constructed from compostable materials. Hy-Fi is a tower made of corn stalk bricks with living root structures. It’s a great example of eco-friendly architecture.

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4. Futuristic skylines

In the coming decade, not only will the skylines of our cities change but also the actual buildings. Chinese architects have already created a skyline that is reminiscent of natural landscapes such as lakes and mountains, as depicted in landscape paintings. In the future, we may see more skylines that reflect the natural world.

5. Sponge Parks

The problem of pollution is not limited to cities and towns. New York architects have developed an urban structure that transforms toxic waste into a green oasis. The sponge park uses a system of phytoremediation that involves special plants and filters to transform contaminated fields into a waterfront space. This idea is sure to be popular.

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