What is a Sexual Health Clinic?

A sexual health clinic is a medical facility that specifically caters to the sexual health needs of sexually active individuals. These clinics provide assistance and advice on a variety of sexual concerns, from advice on contraception to common diseases like genital herpes and chlamydia. Most importantly, they provide information about safe sex. Sexual health clinics are very similar to general medical clinics except that their focus is on sexual health concerns.

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There are many aspects of sexual health that a sexual health clinic can address. A physical examination and/or microscopic examination of abnormal lumps and growths are one such service provided by a sexual health clinic. The medical team may include specialists such as gynecologists, surgeons, nurses, and psychiatrists. Depending on the clinic’s resources, patients may be screened for sexually transmitted diseases or simply receive a general check-up to rule out minor ailments such as allergies or urinary tract infection. For those who prefer to take a test at home, consider Chlamydia Testing Kits London from Checkurself

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Some of the specialised services offered by a sexual health clinic include the provision of one-on-one counselling and therapy. This is usually done in a hospital or other inpatient setting, although some clinics offer this service in their outpatient facilities. Counselling is normally for adults only; however, some adolescent and pediatric services are offered as well. STD tests and treatments are also available, with most testing being performed for STDs on an outpatient basis.

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