Do you sell high risk items?

If you own a retail business there is a good chance that some of your products will be classed as high risk. These are items that are easily stolen by shoplifters or those with a high price that might attract those who are looking for places to rob.

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High risk items can include some of the following:


  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Computer and Console Games
  • DVDs
  • Razor Blades
  • Perfume
  • Jewellery
  • Baby Products
  • Make Up


These are all items that are often taken from shelves in stores by shoplifters. Below are some of the larger items that can often attract those looking to break into and rob entire stores.


  • Tvs
  • Computers
  • Mobile Phones
  • High End Jewellery
  • Wine

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There are safety measures that you can put in place that can help mitigate these risks including product safety tags, security staff and systems from CCTV Manchester companies. Red Dam CCTV Manchester installers can help you with a variety of different systems including those that are designed to monitor the inside of a poetry and perhaps are focused onĀ  your high risk items as well as systems that cover the outside of a property.


If you sell any of the items mentioned above you should look at the risks of theft and put measure in place to try and deter thieves as well as mechanisms to help record evidence should you need to present it in a shoplifting or robbery incident.

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