Why social media and online marketing sometimes do not work?

Today companies are launched to social networks just as they started to create a website. Some are a great success, others neither fu nor fa, and many have disappointing results. Thus we see lately recurring articles, with great success of hearing, on the few revenues in sales of the strategies in social networks.

It goes without saying that we could estimate more than 2 million businesses in without a website. No one has yet deceived them to do so. Sorry, I mean, no one has yet put forward a coherent concept that they can understand, and explained how to take advantage of a website and online marketing in general.

Why social media and online marketing sometimes do not workWhere is the problem?

The problem in my opinion is that often professionals who offer these services, such as web page development, social media management and general online marketing, know these tools, weapons, but lack adequate knowledge to apply them correctly. They do not understand the business of their clients, do not have enough marketing knowledge, and perform a standardized application of the tools. Thus, success becomes practically a matter of chance. Based on using the same strategies in the end is right with some company to which it works.

The weapon does not make the warrior.

4 recommendations for generals and 4 for warriors

Do you consider the following recommendations to deal with this situation?

If you consider using the weapons of online marketing in your company:

  1. Look for good warriors, not only must be experts in the use of weapons, should be able to understand your business in depth, and have advanced marketing skills
  2. It contemplates its use in an integrated way in your company, all the marketing actions must tune to each other and with the objectives of sales
  3. It evaluates if the different arms are suitable for your case, it could be that for you twitter or facebook are not adequate, but the email marketing or linkedin; Each company is a world
  4. Let yourself be advised by experts, do not pretend to know as much as they do; The expertitis does a huge damage, you and your supplier

If you are an online marketing professional:

  1. Become a warrior of marketing and getting results in sales for your customers; If you do not have these competences you should train yourself or seek partnerships with others that cover these shortcomings
  2. Choose your favorite weapons, today you can not master them all; Support in specialist partners in areas that are not your forte
  3. Make a suit tailor made to each customer, flee coffee for everyone; This involves working hard on getting to know your customer and understanding your business
  4. Specialize in one type of clients

What do you think?

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