76% of consumers have seen a mobile ad in the last month

Not long ago network operators and the same advertisers expressed their concern at the possibility that mobile advertising could annoy consumers. But the reality is already another and mobile advertising has become commonplace and accepted.

According to a new study by Mintel, 76% of US mobile internet users. Acknowledged seeing an ad on their devices in the last month. For those users between the ages of 18 and 24, the recall level of an ad is much higher, with 91%, and between the ages of 25 to 34, is 83%. This means that almost half the owners of a mobile phone remember to have seen mobile ads.

76% of consumers have seen a mobile ad in the last monthMintel predicts that the expansion in mobile advertising and the use of this medium will continue in an accelerated curve of growth more pronounced than what is typical for emerging platforms. In the study, Billy Hulkover, senior analyst at Mintel, comments: “Typically, technology-related markets typically show slowing growth over time. However, in the case of mobile advertising, the slowdown will not occur at the same pace as we usually see in the hardware market, but may perhaps accelerate further as the audience grows. ”

In-app (banner) and banner ads are the most commonly seen, according to the study, with about half of the segment’s 18 to 34 respondents claiming to have seen them in the past month. Particularly significant is the rapid proliferation of mobile video and audio advertising in the younger segment, with about 40% of the 18-34 age group claiming to have seen or heard them on some kind of multimedia unit in the previous month . Mintel predicts that advertising penetration will continue to grow throughout 2014 as the older population becomes accustomed to this type of media.

On the marketing side, and boosting sales, coupons are emerging strongly. Mintel has found that 18% of adults have used some form of coupon.

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