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Common styling mistakes for men to avoid

Most guys dress extremely well but if you’ve ever felt like ‘that guy’ who gets it all wrong, here are some common style mistakes to avoid at all costs:

  • Thinking tight clothing will hold it in – This works for both men and women. As we age and spread a little in various different regions, never kid yourself that skin tight clothes will hold it all together. Far better to choose well-fitting, tailored pieces that show off your best bits. For quality Tommy Hilfiger Menswear, visit a site like Louis Boyd
  • Trousers that are too long – Never wear a pair of trousers or jeans that create a puddle on top of your shoes. There must be no fabric bunching but trousers should just gently brush the top of your shoes.

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  • Avoid shiny clothes – Shiny patent shoes and a touch of jewellery is one thing but your clothes should never be shiny. This indicates cheap fabrics and looks especially bad on a suit.
  • Don’t confuse your accessories – The right accessories can make an outfit but the wrong choices can ruin it completely. Be subtle and simple but never overdo the accessorizing.
  • Wearing deep V-neck tops – This is never a good look so just leave it to Simon Cowell and Russell Brand. Whether you’re freshly waxed or sporting a hairy chest, nobody wants to see it this way.

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  • Wearing gym wear outside the gym – Athleisure or streetwear is one thing. Wearing neon compression shorts or nylon tracksuits is a no-no unless you are actually on a running track!

Why are shamrocks so important in Irish culture

What is a shamrock, and why are they considered such a cool decoration? A shamrock (or stamrock) is typically a green sprig of clove. Its name comes from the Irish which is loosely translated as green clove or small clove. Although the plant looks very similar to the traditional four-leaf clover, the shamrock differs in that the flower has only four leaves, compared to the five-leaf clover. You’ll see plenty of them on ST Patrick’s Day Gifts like those from

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Although they look alike, shamrocks and four leaf clovers have some distinct differences. Shamrocks do not have true leaves, but rather they have “sums” or spaces between each leaf. This means that a shamrock will appear to have four leaves when it has only three. Additionally, there is no stem to the plant; instead, a stem extends up from the leaves. In order to harvest a clove of shamrock, simply snip off one of its leaves.

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What is a shamrock associated with? A shamrock has been used for centuries as a symbol of luck and fortune. This is particularly true during the Irish calendar years when such a holiday is celebrated. For example, St. Patrick’s Day is when the green shamrock, known as the “St. Paddy’s Day shamrock,” is most widely given to commemorate the day when an Irish child is born. It forms the basis of a myth around the Patron Saint that he used it to explain the highly complicated Holy Trinity.

What is an Insurance Policy?

If you’ve ever wondered what an insurance policy is, then you’re not alone. This article will attempt to explain what an insurance policy is, and how it works, so that you can make the best decisions for your family and yourself. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know even more about what an insurance policy actually is!

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In insurance, the actual insurance policy itself is a contract between both the insured and the insurer, that describes the benefits that the insured is legally obligated to pay in exchange for an upfront payment, also known as the premium. In return for this payment, the insured promises to cover financial loss resulting from perils explicitly outlined in the insurance policy. Typical insurance policies will pay out if the insured vehicle is damaged or stolen, or if the insured person is injured due to another’s negligence. However, other types of accidents are generally covered as well, such as accidents in the workplace or during travel. For more information on Low cost life insurance, visit Cavendish Online, providers of Low cost life insurance.

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Premiums increase periodically, usually on a fixed schedule. In some cases, increases may take the insured’s monthly or annual premiums to new levels, making them unaffordable. The most effective way to avoid large increases in premiums is to stay actively involved in the insurance company’s services.

Why Emergency Vehicles Must Have High Visibility Livery

One of the most important things when it comes to driving is the ability to see in clear daylight. Whether you are working on the highway, travelling through heavy traffic or it is night time you must be able to see emergency vehicles in order to make a safe stop.

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There are certain colours that are required for all drivers to have on their emergency vehicle in order to ensure that everyone can see the vehicles in clear daylight. The higher the visibility on the vehicle the better chance it has of avoiding any type of accident. For Chapter 8 chevrons, visit

Having proper lights on your emergency vehicle is going to help to ensure that there is a better chance of avoiding any type of crash or mishap. When there are lights on the vehicle, it makes it much easier to be able to drive around in a safer manner as you can alert other road users of your presence. All drivers should know and understand that having high visibility on their emergency vehicles is going to help to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

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Emergency vehicles require a certain type of lights in order to meet the standards set forth by the government. If you are interested in being one of those drivers that carries this important equipment you will want to find a reputable company to work with. When you are looking for a high visibility livery for your emergency vehicles you will want to take the time to look at all the different options that are available.

A History of the British Pound

Did you know that the British pound is the oldest currency in the world that is still in use today? It has been used in Britain for over 1,200 years, meaning that it dates back to the Anglo-Saxon era, and examples of the pound have been found from around 775AD! If you were to find a coin as old as this, be sure to contact someone like these coin valuers UK based GM Coins, who will be able to look at it for you, and let you know the value.

These early coins were made of silver. It was not until the 17th Century that the first bank notes came in – without the technology that we have today to make these notes, they had to have the amount handwritten on the notes and signed off by a cashier in a bank. It was not until that the banknotes were printed fully, and no longer required someone to write on the amount that the note was worth.

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The silver strips that are found in the middle of the bank notes come from the 1940s, when during the Second World War, the notes were at risk of forgery – so these silver strips were placed in the notes to protect against this.

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In the 1970s, a huge change came into the way that the British currency worked – decimalisation saw the old imperial units replaced with easier metrics – whereas before, 12 pennies made a shilling, and 20 shillings made a pound the metric system meant that the pound was split into 100 pennies.

How to Make a House Safer if Someone Has a Disability

Accidents in the home are sadly all too common and amongst elderly people, or people who have disabilities and reduced mobility, sadly that risk is even higher. If you want to make your house as safe as possible, then here are a few ways that you can do this…

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The bathroom is a place where you have a particularly high risk of encountering risks – the water can present a slipping hazard, and baths and showers are easy to fall in, especially when it is wet, and you are unsteady on your feet anyway. Add handrails to the bath and shower to help with getting in and out, and place nonslip mats on the floor.

Coming in and out of the house itself can also present a challenge – replace steps with ramps that are less likely to be a trip hazard and make them wide enough to get a wheelchair or a mobility scooter up. You can get WAV vehicles from places like which will help an elderly person to get around.

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If there are stairs inside the home, there are a couple of ways that you can make these safer. One way is to add special treads on the steps which mean that it is harder to trip, and another good addition is a stairlift that will be able to transport you up and down the stairs safely with no risk of falling.

The quintessential English custom of afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a British tradition that has experienced something of a revival in recent years; now, the phenomenon is a trend within itself that is just as much about socialising as culinary enjoyment. I soon realised just how many traditionally English films and television programs, at some point show someone enjoying an afternoon tea selection. Whether this is people sat in a cafe or restaurant enjoying some tasty delights or a couple in their Wiltshire Park Homes talking about the latest goings on in the village.

Where did this quintessential British custom originate, and how has it evolved over the years?

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Tea is unsurprisingly a crucial element of afternoon tea, with the drink having a long and illustrious history dating back to the third millennium BC in China. It is thought to have emerged in England during the 1600s; however, the afternoon tea we know today did not come until much later.

The Duchess of Bedford

The custom was coined by Anna, the seventh duchess of Bedford, in 1840. The duchess is alleged to have experienced a ‘sinking feeling’ during mid to late afternoon – the time between lunch and dinner. To combat her hunger, she requested a snack of tea, bread and butter, which later evolved into sandwiches and a sweet treat such as a cake. As time passed, the duchess began inviting her friends to join her for her afternoon tea and thus the tradition was born.

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By the late 1800s, afternoon tea was a trend enjoyed by many high-class ladies. They would change into gowns and enjoy their tea, sandwiches and cakes in the drawing room, usually between 4-5pm – hence ‘tea time’.

Modern afternoon tea

Although afternoon tea has changed and developed over the years, it generally still includes the same key components. These days you will find afternoon tea being served in thousands of cafes, hotels and eateries up and down the country. You may be served your afternoon tea on slates, boards, or – more commonly – the traditional cake stand. Sandwich fillings tend to be simple and traditional, such as egg, fish, meat and cheese; however, your cake selection can include a variety of both modern and traditional treats, such as Victoria sponge, flapjack, egg custard, tarts, and even possets and jellies.

While tea and coffee are still a predominant part of afternoon tea, many establishments also offer prosecco or champagne as an accompanying drink to enhance the wow factor and really make the most of the occasion.


What is a Bodyguard?

It is something that we all see from time to time – at big pop concerts, at Red Carpet events on the Television – and of course, the famous film – the Bodyguard. But whilst we may associate the role of bodyguard with standing in front pop stars, there is a lot more to it than that ….

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Crime is high, particularly in big cities and this is why close protection London companies such as  are so important to many people in the city. When it comes to your home, they can be that peace of mind that you need to know that your property and you are safe from intruders. Many people have security in their home around the clock to keep their home safe.

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Many people who use protection services prefer to have surveillance protection. So rather than the bodyguard walking right next to the celebrity that we all picture, they actually observe from afar unseen. This is useful in many situations, whether it is extra protection without feeling too close, or just so that it makes the fact you have security less obvious.

It isn’t just walking around the streets that a bodyguard can help with – many offer chauffeurs services too. Especially when it comes to inner city driving, this can be very useful to businesspeople for example, as it combines personal protection with driving allowing them to relax and concentrate on work whilst travelling. Specialised drivers are well trained in evasive and protective driving and many have had training in the police force or the army.