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Do I Need a Building Survey?

If you have been considering getting a building survey done for your property then there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself first. Do I need a building survey? And what exactly is it and what does it tell me? So many people don’t ask themselves these questions when they buy a property and then find out later that something isn’t right with the property that they have purchased.

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A house is probably the biggest and most expensive purchase that most of us will make in our lives and as such it needs to be fully inspected prior to any sort of purchase. This isn’t a time for a whim. A Building Survey is very important to all of us. It shows us exactly what condition the house is in so we can make a well informed decision on whether or not to buy the house. A survey is also important because it can let you know the cost of the repairs that you might have to undertake if you decide to get the house re-wired or re-plumbed etc. a building survey is essential for anyone who is planning to buy a house. For a Building Survey Manchester, visit

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So now you know that you need a building survey you next need to find a company that can carry out the survey for you. Building surveys can only be carried out by companies that specialize in this field and it is always recommended that you find a company that specialises in building surveys as they are the ones that you should be trusting with your money and your possessions. Take the time to read about a company online before you choose one that you want to do business with.

World Breaking Furniture

Do you love world records? There seems to be a Guinness World Record for almost anything you could think of, from bathing in beans to the number of t-shirts worn by a single person! Have you ever wondered about the world’s largest wardrobe?

The biggest wardrobe ever was constructed in Prague in 2009 by Jan Bily. It was over 19 feet tall, 13 feet wide and almost 5 feet deep. It was constructed as a normal two-door wardrobe by Jan Bily and his business called Art-Style.

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The wardrobe required 5 cubic metres of pinewood to build the monstrous unit and it weighed in at approximately 2000 kg. Clearly, it would be a nightmare to fit into an average sized bedroom but thankfully could be broken down into 5 different sections for transportation. If this has made you realise that your bedroom could use a wardrobe update, then consider Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes from

Obviously, a giant wardrobe needs a giant bed to complement it. The bed that holds the Guinness World Record for being the biggest was built in 2011 in the Netherlands. The bed was 86 feet in length and 53 feet in width. It was made by the Commissie Zomerfeesten St Gregorius for the festival of the same name in Hertme, Netherlands.

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Unfortunately, most homes are simply not big enough to accommodate such colossal fittings but that is probably a relief as where would we find the bedding to fit such a bed or enough clothing to fill such a wardrobe?

Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

Getting your garden ready for Spring is a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end. The best way to start preparing your garden for the spring is to start thinning out the perennials and annuals that are in your garden right now. Now it’s time to get out those perennial plants that you have been wanting to plant and move them to the garden! You can move all of your containers and put them in bags for the trunks of trees, and you can also save some of them for next year when you are making your landscape improvements. For advice from a Dorset Tree Surgeon, visit

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The best thing about moving your perennials into their new garden bed is that you are giving the garden a rest from all of the work that is being done before the spring planting season begins. Many perennials that would be placed in large flower beds or in pots on the patio will take up too much room in the new garden bed, and this is one of the reasons why many people choose to grow their garden in pots. Now it is nice to sit back and enjoy your flower beds and be sure that your perennial plants and grass are getting enough room to grow.

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The weather can be very harsh in the beginning of the spring season, and the need for water and other maintenance for your perennial plants might need to wait until the following season. You should definitely plan your gardening during the spring, however, and try to pick up many of the tools that you used during the winter, like rakes and shovels. Many gardening tools will need to be brought inside during the winter months, to prevent them from rusting and getting damaged.

How Does Central Heating Work?

Central heating is a type of heat management that utilizes air circulation to provide warmth inside a house. A boiler collects the heated air and heats it up in the presence of air-heaters or other heating devices. This process occurs all throughout the house, from the floor to the roof, using the most efficient means available to provide heat for the home. The furnace exchanges the heat with the air in the building. In most cases, this process occurs at a steady rate and ensures that the rooms in the house are heated adequately to meet the individual needs.

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There are several efficient technologies used in this system, which have been tested over many years. First, the heat is circulated through the home using ventilators and fans in each room. In winter, heat is also pumped through radiators in the living areas to provide heated water. For Boiler Service Cheltenham, visit a site like Blu Fish

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When heating needs are high during the winter, boilers are under much more pressure. As more people opt for more energy-efficient, low-cost appliances, many homeowners are wondering how their central heating works. With today’s ever-advancing technologies, many experts suggest that people should consider purchasing a new more efficient boiler. With a well-designed system, a family can save money on their heating bill every month. If you want to learn more about how your home can become more energy-efficient, speak to your energy supplier or a boiler fitting service.

Benefits of Buying Brownfield Sites

The benefits of buying brownfield sites are numerous but perhaps the most talked about are the many improvements that you can make to your site by using them. With the right developer you can transform your old site into a modern, clean and professional looking one. It is also possible to bring new life to an old site which may previously have been lifeless or look just left overgrown.

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Another of the great benefits of buying brownfield sites is that you will find the quality of construction to be better than that of other types of site development. This means that you will have a building that has been built to the highest standards and is safe to erect on your land because these sites are cleaned and redeveloped from fresh. The quality of the building materials used and the attention to detail given to the refurbishment are two factors that will ensure that you do not need to re-build any part of your home or expand any space. Find out more about Contaminated Land Remediation at a site like Soilfix, suppliers of Contaminated Land Remediation.

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When you consider the amount of money that can be saved through the use of brownfield sites, it is clear that they offer a massive number of benefits. There is a huge range of options available to you when you consider investing in such sites, and you can have a custom design for any area or purpose. You can get excellent quality and construction at affordable prices so you will not have to worry about making a compromise in quality for any reason whatsoever.

Why you should get your boiler serviced before winter sets in

Having a healthy, fully functioning boiler is necessary for your home throughout the year, but it is even more critical to have a fully functioning boiler throughout the winter. You don’t want to be faced with the costly prospect of no heating and no hot water when the weather gets harsh and the temperature drops. Here are some of the advantages of having your boiler serviced regularly and this is where a Evesham Boilers based company like Combi Man is vital.

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If your boiler does not run to its full capacity or has defective parts, you could pay more, making it harder for your boiler to work to accomplish what you want. Getting an annual service means that your boiler uses energy effectively and doesn’t cost you more in the long run than it should. Before winter, investing in a service would ensure that any problems can be worked out before it has to run at full capacity and help avoid a nasty surprise from your winter fuel bill.

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Give yourself extra peace of mind with a service that, among other things, verifies the safety of your boiler. Gas leaks are exceedingly unlikely, but you know for sure, that your home and family are safe in this respect if you have your boiler tested regularly.


If you have a boiler cover policy, before any insurance payment for boiler repairs will take effect, you will most probably have to show a history of documented services to your boiler. Boilers should be serviced once a year and at the end of summer is the perfect time to get it finished. Our boilers have been sitting idle for several weeks during the warmer weather, so now is the ideal time to ensure that no problems have arisen during that time before the winter weather hits

If you are a First Time Buyer, why not Consider a Self Build Property?

In this day and age, getting on the property ladder is hard. Since 2008, getting a first home of your own has been incredibly difficult in comparison to previous generations, and the deposit needed to get a mortgage can be a lot of money which is difficult to save up.

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Many first time buyers need to have some help from parents when finding a deposit, or they remain living at home well into their late twenties and thirties in order to be able to save money for a deposit. There are government backed schemes like help to buy that can be useful for first time buyers, but in the UK there is a lack of affordable housing so finding something suitable can be difficult for a first time buyer.


There is another option for first time buyers however – building their own property from scratch. Although this can sound like a daunting option to someone who has no experience of property, there are companies such as this self build homes Sutton Coldfield based company that can help, so no building expertise is needed by the owner of the property!

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Building a home of your own means that you don’t have to hunt around for affordable housing in your area – you just create your own! Although you need to purchase a plot of land, the new government rules in 2016 meant that this is now much easier as all councils are required to provide enough land to meet building demands.

What are the benefits of buying a park home

A park home could be for you if you’re looking to downsize or transition into an active retirement. Knowing the unique advantages of staying in parks will help you make the best investment for now and for the future.

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A home in a park is financially accessible.


We all dream of a home in the country, but it might well be beyond your reach to invest in bricks and mortar. At a much cheaper price point, an affordable park home provides luxury living in peaceful surroundings. To see some great examples of Gloucestershire Park Homes go to Park Home Life.

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High standard of construction


The modern style of park homes or lodges was made from high-quality materials to outstanding construction specifications. New development processes and technology are used and building practises contribute to less on-site defects. In a workshop area, your home will be designed to challenging British specifications. You should choose the fixtures and fittings for a high-end finish as you want to purchase a new home.


Lower ongoing expenditures


A home in a park will not eradicate the recurring expenses, but it will reduce them substantially. If you live in a house or condo, you will pay park taxes, which are the equivalent of land rent, and you will pay Council Tax in the lowest band, Band A. You will bring down electricity bills when you are heating a smaller room and your park home is constructed with high insulation levels. Meanwhile, fewer lamps means smaller costs for power.


Elegant surroundings


Many suburban parks are within easy reach of all facilities and stunning scenery, allowing you to relax or retire in style.

Who Is Responsible for My Electricity Meter Box?

There are many questions regarding who is responsible for the electricity meter box that keeps track of your electricity consumption and charges you your electricity bills. The answer to this question is that this unit is not owned by the electric company but is the responsibility of the owner of the property. It is very important that the owner of this unit knows how to look after and operate it properly. Your energy supplier does not charge you for the power meter box and the meter itself; it charges you for the energy you use as measured through the meter. Should you require a new Electric Meter box, visit a site like Meterbox

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The next question regarding who is responsible for my electricity meter box is regarding maintenance. You must maintain the box as it covers important equipment and is the owner’s responsibility. It is very important to have someone look over the meter and see how well it is working. If there are any mistakes made, then these will be corrected before you can apply for an extension of the billing period.

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The last question regarding who is responsible for my electricity meter box is regarding safety. There are a number of devices on the meter box, which you are responsible for maintaining in order to ensure that they are safe and operate as they should. If you are not trained to do this then the meter will not function correctly.

Making the Most of Your Garage Space

Although the garage is just as much a part of out home as any other room, many of us tend to forget about it – it can become piled up with junk in a way that we wouldn’t allow other rooms in our home to be.


When the space in a garage is used well, it is an extremely useful area in your home – depending on your lifestyle and your needs there are a wide range of ways that you can make your garage work better for you.

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The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that there is nothing taking up space in the garage that shouldn’t be. Have a clear out and be ruthless – don’t keep hold of items that you no longer need. You can sell or donate to charity things that are in good condition that you don’t use any more.


Once you are left with just what you need, think about how you can make the most of the space you have in the garage. A specialist company such as Rackzone, a shelving Ireland based company will be able to help you with garage shelving and storage solutions to maximise how you are using the space.

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Using the wall space is great for storage, and this also includes bikes – wall mounted bike racks can save a lot of space in the garage, which means that you still have plenty of room for your car and tools to be stored too.