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The planned crisis are fewer crises

We are ending the year 2015 and as every year-end, it is time to make reflections. If we look back, we find that in recent years has been taking a turnaround in our oriented to anticipate possible negative consequences of the same customs, we have lifestyle habits that tend to be healthier, try to eat better, exercise , have appropriate levels of light to take care of our eyes, ergonomic chairs to care for the position when we sit, we try to make periodic breaks to maintain our performance at the highest levels … we are fully aware that both personally and in the professional, prevention is much cheaper than cure. No doubt. Changing certain habits, which are not always easy, we can avoid trouble that often can be fatal. And we are willing to make this sacrifice involved us both time and money.

What surprises me greatly is that what we have so clear and we want for ourselves and our employees do not want for our company. In our company we do not prevent what might happen … we are not interested allocate a budget to invest in managing a possible crisis, which can have such devastating effects as the worst of diseases or industrial accidents, may make it stagger the foundations of it, that company that both cost us move forward and put into operation. Still a ridiculous number of companies have a crisis manual. Continue reading The planned crisis are fewer crises

Review of the consumer to the opinion of the brands

In the Internet world, a very important thing has changed. Everyone has opinions, as always happened, but now everyone can express and can make reaching others. The network has made that comment out the immediate circle of acquaintances and or already is not only limited to just the privileged few who had entered the circuit of the media and pundits. Today everyone can express what they think and to communicate it to others.

And in this new order of things one of the areas that have been most affected is consumption. Consumers are not only transmitted to their immediate environment what they think about the products and brands they buy, but now up to the network and marked with these views purchasing decisions of others. From the hotel you want to book for holidays to the laptop you want to buy for work, buying decisions are increasingly marked by notes that other consumers give these products and for the opinions they generate on them. Continue reading Review of the consumer to the opinion of the brands

As reactivate your business model when suffering signs of wear

These things do not usually happen at once, but if there is a day when we received a “hard truth” we cannot let go. You realize that your benefits have been reduced in a significant%, the low number of customers, your market share drops and notes as you go inserting patches that do not lead anywhere. Basically, business survival is at stake and do not know where the blows come.

When this happens, marginalizing startups, we can find 3 levels to qualify and quantify the problem regarding the malfunction of business:

1- Mismanagement: At this point there is not much to explain, still being in the right business model but that simply are not playing your cards right.

2- Do not be able to adapt to new industry trends surface: perhaps no introduction of new products, not digitize any part of the business … .in order, you have to make substantial changes but do not require “full surgery.”

3- You have left to connect with a real market: here already required to redevelop a new business model because your value proposition has stopped working. Continue reading As reactivate your business model when suffering signs of wear

Keys to lead in difficult times

In many businesses and corporations I think we cannot measure and value a good leader until we have not seen in the sand managing a period of crisis. Individuals and professionals in general when the wind blows in the right direction and we tend to be good managers is quite simple to put the best possible attitude even when we counter that is where the real value and demonstrated leadership skills. Those who are strong in adversity will be those who respect and admiration of his professional environment win. Continue reading Keys to lead in difficult times

Understand Where Problems And Concerns Starts On Your Business Credit

Business people methodology credit organizations for some expansion when their organizations are confronting fiscal emergency and need some rescue. The downside to this move is that numerous will get the credit without assessing the underlying reasons that put the business in such a position. Of course, the few that will assess the reasons don’t guarantee that they have put set up the right measures to moderate such episodes. Continue reading Understand Where Problems And Concerns Starts On Your Business Credit

Home Business Opportunity Seeker – 5 Tips to Succeed

It is safe to say that you are one home business chance seeker around the a large number of others looking for an intends to begin in a gainful business? In the event that you replied “Yes” then there is purpose behind positive thinking! At this point in history you can start a business with less than $100, while as meager as 10 years back it might have taken $10,000 least. Yet you could be pondering “Certain, assuming that its truly that straightforward, why aren’t more individuals doing it?” Continue reading Home Business Opportunity Seeker – 5 Tips to Succeed

Business Financing Solution That’s Perfect For You

Beginning your own particular business isn’t a simple errand, particularly when you require more than a few several dollars for the starting financing. Keeping in mind keeping your employment until your business begins to transform a reliable wage stream is a sound exhortation, some of you may not have the capacity to make utilization of this individual financing source. So how would you get the cash for the beginning financing in your organization? Continue reading Business Financing Solution That’s Perfect For You

Important Steps To Increase Sales From Returning Customers

A returning visitor is joined to a lot of data — profile and information, browsing and buy history, current action on the site, time used on old  websites, the site she originated from, the device she is utilizing, the crevice between visits, her area, and her informal organization movement. This data could be corresponded to comprehend the plan of the returning guest. This can result in better personalization and increase the sales. Continue reading Important Steps To Increase Sales From Returning Customers