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What is procurement for Business?

Without the services of a procurement officer businesses would find it difficult to function fully and could not even exist. They are an often-overlooked business role which is important to the functioning of any business.  As that great sage of our age Lorelai Gilmore says to her father Richard when he’s about to start his new business, “Before anything else can happen, you need pens, you need paper, you need. . . everything else, don’t you?”. Indeed, you do but there is the small question of finding the person to do that for you. They are certainly a special part of the operation. Continue reading What is procurement for Business?

What happens during a BRC Audit

BRC is a food safety certification that businesses in the food and drinks industry use to show their commitment to following best practices within their sector. There are a number of standards that are covered within the certification and they look at everything from food safety plans through to the requirements for traded products.

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As well as offering certification a BRC Audit like the ones from hygienecheck are carried out to assess that a given company is following the food safety standards as set out by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

The Audit is undertaken by an accredited organisation like the one mentioned. They will take a full assessment of any food manufacturing that takes place, your entire facility and premises. The company will also look through all of your documents and records and they will look at the key areas that are mentioned in the BRC Standards to check for adherence.

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In order to ensure that this audit runs smoothly it is worth taking your business through a thorough self assessment so you can check for any gaps and rectify this. It is important that your senior management team are involved in this as much as possible as this is one area that is assessed during an audit.

You should also ensure that you have your documents and records in a readily available format so you can present these to the company carrying out your audit in order for them to go through them as efficiently as possible.

Pros and Cons of Using a Fuel Card

Using a fuel card can be beneficial for a number of reasons of which I will highlight below. However, there are some disadvantages to having a fuel card which are good to consider when deciding whether to give your drivers only cards or cash for using at petrol stations. Read on to find out the pros and cons of using a fuel card.

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The first advantage of using a fuel card is safety. Carrying cash can be a potential risk to drivers in case they are robbed. Having a fuel card removes the necessity for holding cash. Moreover, it is a lot easier to organise the money each driver gets, as the fuel cards can all use the same account. Each card will have a unique PIN code that only the individual card holder will know so that all payments are secure.

An additional benefit of using a fuel card is that there are many different fuel companies to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can choose a card that offers you certain discounts or can only be used at specific petrol stations of your choice. Even for one company, there are different options of fuel cards to choose from. For example, the BP Fuel Card comes with many options that you can explore here:

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On the other hand, there are some drawbacks that you may want to consider. For example, depending on what company you choose, you can be limited by what petrol stations you can use, and therefore you will only be able to go on specific routes, even if they are longer. However, to prevent this problem, you can research all the different options of fuel cards before deciding. If you don’t do your research, you may even have to pay more for fuel, but if you find the right card, you’ll be able to cut costs.


How to Maximise Profit in a Courier Business

Learning how to maximise profit in a courier business is something that every successful business owner must do. Courier jobs are very profitable and if you can help your customers save money by cutting their delivery costs then you will be doing your client a huge favour. However, there is more to it than just saving money. You have to be a team player and work well together with all your colleagues in order to maximise your profits.

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When setting up a new business you should always ask yourself how much money can I earn in the first 6 months to a year. This is called the “break-even point”. This tells you what your revenue will be after costs have been taken into account. It’s the only way you can then work out your target income. You need to be sure that your business has enough money set aside to run it without running out of cash and also to cover any unexpected expenses that could arise from day-to-day usage of your business. Save money with Fuel Cards. Find out more at

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There are many ways you can get help when setting up your business and there are also many software programs out there which can help you. One of the best ways is to talk to other successful business owners and hear what they do to maximise their profits. Use this information and advice to set up your own business in the right way and ensure that it can make you money for years to come. If you follow these simple steps you will soon see a profit increase in your profits.


Types of Office Cleaning Services

When it comes to office cleaning, there are two main types of cleaning services that businesses can choose from: general and contract cleaning. General office cleaning is the type of cleaning that is generally carried out on a regular basis by most large offices. Contract cleaning involves a more personalized cleaning service and is usually undertaken on specific timescales, which can either be daily, weekly or monthly. The majority of Office Cleaning Cheltenham Companies such as Into Cleaning deal with both types of cleaning. The advantage of commercial cleaning is that it tends to suit many different types of business because there are a wide range of different sizes, from very small offices to very large businesses.

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In addition to commercial cleaning services, there are other types of office deep clean opportunities available, including pest control and graffiti removal. Some of the tasks involved with office deep cleaning services include the removal of graffiti and the prevention of the growth of mold. Pest control involves the removal of potential insects and pests that are found in the various areas of an office. This service may involve the use of heat or chemicals to kill off various insects.

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Home office cleaning services include things such as dusting and vacuuming the desks. Dusting refers to removing the dust from desks. Vacuuming helps to remove the loose dust that is on the desks but leaves particles on the floor which can be more difficult to remove. It’s also important to note that if you have children in your home then you’ll need to ensure that they are kept away from the desks at all times. This can be done with the help of a vacuum cleaner that has been designed to be effective at removing dust and particles from the home. It’s also important to remember that whilst dusting is important, vacuuming isn’t.

How to Plan a Conference

Conferences are good opportunities for people with the same interests to gather together. They enable people to come together to share their thoughts and develop new ones. If you wish to plan a conference, follow the following steps below carefully to know how to plan a conference. All conferences need their own special ideas, here you’ll see the top most tips specially for planning conferences on your location. For any kind of conference you can think of, there is a proper way to carry it out. Therefore, when you’re planning for your conference, it’s advisable to have a well thought out plan of action that would make it successful.

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It doesn’t matter what type of conference you’re planning, one thing is sure – there are a lot of things to think about before you can actually make your plans. The most important step for every conference is to get all the materials needed and organised. Making sure that all the items you need such as chairs, decorations, audio visual equipment and other materials can be found and arranged properly is a very important aspect of event planning. You don’t want any issues to crop up on the day of your conference because you didn’t prepare enough materials. For help from an Event Agency Dublin, go to

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One of the easiest ways to ensure that all the conferences are successful is to make sure you choose a suitable venue for the conference. Depending on the kind of conference you’re planning, the venue can either decide the success of the event or ruin it. As for the kind of venue chosen, there are three main types of venues you can choose from: hotel conferences, business centre conferences, and outdoor conferences.

Where Should I Seek Employment Solicitors?

Employment Solicitors deals with the more serious work-related problems, from wrongful dismissal to harassment in the workplace. If you have to go to an employment solicitor, even though you are dealing with a fairly minor issue at work, you are no doubt dealing with an extremely serious matter. You may not think that something as trivial as missing a week’s work can have long-term consequences, but in some cases, it can. The first step to getting the compensation you deserve is to speak to a solicitor. Try Employment Solicitors like Employment Law Friend.

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Employment Solicitors may include sending out cease and desist letters, telling people to stop calling you, or telling you to not come to work because someone may be looking at you inappropriately. In addition to this, Employment Solicitors may also advise you of what sort of action you are entitled too, for example reporting someone to your employer for any sexual harassment. It should be noted, however, that Employment Solicitors cannot give you legal advice, nor can they give you support if you are facing a harassment case. It is for your independent professional judgment whether or not you wish to bring a claim to an Employment Solicitors or Tribunal.

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An Employment Solicitors is not an appropriate place to seek legal advice regarding any workplace issues. In the matter of harassment, they would advise you to contact your employer directly to seek legal advice. An Employment Solicitors can also provide help and information, but you should not use their services to make a claim, as they do not have the experience or legal knowledge to deal with such a complex matter. Therefore, if you have any workplace issues, or if you believe that you have been unfairly dismissed, you may wish to get professional legal advice from an employment-law specialist who has experience dealing with similar cases.

How to Develop Strategic Thinking Skills

The ability to develop strategic thinking capabilities is one of the main things that separates those who are successful from those who aren’t. Just as with any other area of life you will have to put some work into practice in order to be successful at developing these skills but the overall payoff can be well worth the effort. You will be able to look at various issues and opportunities objectively and determine the best course of action.

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The first step that you should take to enhance your strategic thinking skills is to allow yourself time to reflect on a particular issue. To make sure that you do this often, you might want to schedule a few minutes every day or even a few hours to actively think about an issue. You can use your reflection time to answer questions that you might have and also to think about how your perspective on the issue differs from the consensus of others. This will allow you to make necessary adjustments to your strategy that you will find optimal. In addition, this will help you see the problems in your strategy and how to correct them. Consider Business Coach Cheltenham like Randall and Payne

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The next part of how to develop strategic thinking skills involves developing a plan or strategy. While you may not know what that strategy will be now, when you put pen to paper, write down everything you have learned about strategic decision making and start making a game plan. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of writing a strategic plan, consider talking with a friend or someone who is knowledgeable about strategic decision making.

Things to Consider When Fitting Out an Office

When fitting out an office there are many things to consider when it comes to the type of furniture you will need and what kind of fittings you need. A new office space can be very costly, so it is important that before you start work you sit down and calculate all the costs that are involved with fitting out the office. It is important to work as a team when it comes to fitting out an office.

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One of the most important things to consider when fitting out an office is the security of the building. It is important that the office has good security measures such as video surveillance, alarms, and also staff only access doors to make it more secure. The same goes for the reception area, the waiting room and also the break rooms as these are all areas where safety is important. Designing for maximum productivity is also essential.

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When working on the layout of the office, you need to also consider where furniture needs to go. This may include rearranging chairs, shelves, work tables and even equipment such as printers, fax machines and photocopiers. For more information on Sharp Printer lease services, go to Elmrep. All these items can be bought or leased depending on what is best for your business and budget. This is especially true if you buy office furniture which is mass produced, this way you can usually buy them cheaper in bulk and therefore spread the cost.

Reception Chairs For Your Salon

Today, Reception Chairs come in a huge variety of colors, styles and materials and you can find a variety of them from companies like Bestbuy Office Chairs . Whether you are looking for leather, fabric, vinyl, mesh, plastic or any other type of material, you can find it. Reception Chairs for your salon reception are very popular as they are both comfortable and beautiful.

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You can create an elegant or luxurious atmosphere with the choice of chairs that are plush, soft and comfortable. They are great for both formal and casual reception rooms. There are a wide range of style and designs that you can choose from, ranging from antique to modern and everything in between, such as swivel, back and classic style. Chairs for your salon reception are made using the finest materials and come with a warranty.

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The best part is that they have adjustable heights so that you can adjust the chair to any place. For example, if you want the chair to be at a taller height for a more formal or sophisticated atmosphere, you can easily do that. If you have a lot of people coming over for the day, it would be a good idea to have them seated in chairs that can be adjusted to the desired height. Another good thing about Reception Chairs for your salon is that there are separate headrests. This way you can ensure that there is no distraction for the people sitting in the waiting area. They are the perfect addition to make any salon look extremely elegant and inviting.