Why do SMEs refuse to talk on social networks?

Many companies continue to use social media as a unidirectional communication channel, like the traditional ones: radio, TV, press, etc. In which connection or conversation with the audience is not possible: serious error !!

I think it is mainly due to ignorance of how social media work, but it is very common to find accounts of companies on Facebook and Twitter that occupy these channels to inform their followers of activities in the company, events, promotions and …. already!

One of the big differences between traditional marketing and new online channels is the immediate two-way communication, for this to happen there must be active participation by the sender and receiver.
Companies must understand how these channels work so that they can impact their message, be it positioning, service or promotion.

Characteristics of “Social Networks”

“Social Networks” have characteristics that define them in themselves:

  • They are Open. They allow the relationship between sender and receiver to be shortened considerably, since unlike other communication tools in the “Social Networks” people can give their “feedback” and opinion regarding what is communicated to them.
  • Generate Participation In addition to the fact that the tool itself allows people to interact, they are encouraged to do so, they are encouraged to participate, since it is the essence of this new form of communication.
  • They generate conversation. In the “Social Networks” there is a conversation between sender and audience, as well as with other participants.
  • Create Community The easy way to access communication makes it possible to generate easily and quickly communities that form around different topics.
  • They allow the connection. It’s a quick, massive and “direct” way to connect with people, potential customers or current customers.
  • They allow sharing. The “Social Networks” besides allowing you to connect with any person in the world, allow you to share with them any type of content: articles, photos, videos, audio, etc.

The “Social Networks” are platforms that allow you to listen to your potential customers, interact directly with them and be useful in many ways.

If companies refuse to understand that in order to gain influence they must take advantage of these characteristics, they are really missing out on the opportunity to impact them. The goal itself is not to achieve influence to achieve it, it is actually what is produced from it: the viralization of your message, your brand!
The advantage of these means is that they are massive, global, “economic” and direct. You can take your brand practically wherever you want, but for this you must know how to play the rules of the game, and one of the most important is the conversation.

Obviously I refer to “intelligent” conversation with your “target” that helps you position yourself as an expert: opinions, suggestions, debates, resolve doubts, comment points of view, recommend, etc.

Do not lose style, form or image for talking with your followers, on the contrary you will get closer to them, loyalty, know them, know what they want and are more interested in your brand, etc.

The main reasons I’ve heard why companies do not start the conversation on their channels are:

  • I do not know how to start the conversation
  • Nobody asks me or comments anything
  • I do not know what to tell you
  • I do not want to talk to them
  • I do not have to talk to them
  • I do not want you to talk to a CM who does not know all aspects of my company
  • it’s no use
  • I do not like

And so I can follow the list …

The reality is that for opinions based on lack of experience and knowledge of the media, there is a solution: learn by seeing how others do it, learn with practice, read tips, ask a consultant, etc.

The problem lies in companies that are not convinced of the importance of the “connection” with their followers: I do not want, I do not like it, I do not need it, etc. This type of companies must understand that to be in social networks you have to participate actively, they are not channels where only information is transmitted, even if it is of value. You set the type of interaction, but it is essential to be able to click with the online audience: thank mentions, comment on the information published by your followers, offer to answer questions, etc. Whatever your type of interaction, it will help you to humanize your brand online.

If you are that type of company, I invite you to encourage yourself to connect, to talk. Exploit the features offered by social media.

And if you definitely do not want, then I suggest you do not expect great results from Social Networks.
As always, I hope that this brief information will be useful for you. I would love to have your comments and know your opinion.

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