Skills you need to work in care

Working in care, in Care Jobs Gloucester way such as the ones you can find at can be incredibly rewarding roles. There are lots of different tasks that can be undertaken whilst working in care and the type of role that you take up will depend on whether there are areas of the industry that you want to specialise in as well as the skills and experience that you have.

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Regardless of whether you choose to specialise in one area of care or decide to work in a role that allows you to support individuals in their own homes, there are a number of skills that are needed for you to be successful in this industry.

  • Patience – when working with people who need care support, you need to have patience. In some circumstances these individuals need time to be able to carry out tasks. They need to be given the time that they need to carry out these activities without feeling they are being rushed or pressured.

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  • Multi-tasking – there are times when you might need to carry out a number of different tasks at the same time and being able to multitask can then come in handy.
  • Good communication skills – communication skills are key in any job but when working with those who need extra support you may need to draw on different ways to communicate.

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