Marketing and communication managers value creativity and ROI as the key factors for buying advertising

More than 300 directors and managers of marketing and communication have answered a questionnaire developed by More Quota in which it is sought to know what is the opinion of advertisers with respect to advertising marketing. The study is entitled “Do the media sell advertising well?

The study reveals that the Directors of Marketing and Communication demand better information from the media (73% of respondents), value especially creative proposals and coherent with their brand (97%) and the solid argument of the return on investment (91 %).

The managers responsible for media investment also ask for greater involvement with their objectives and believe that the values, image and positioning of the support is decisive (17%) or very important (52% of respondents)

Respondents believe that the commercial activity of the media in advertising marketing can improve (87% of respondents)

“In the context of crisis is when competitiveness is most necessary. The media is suffering especially this economic context. It is possible to sell more advertising if you are more competitive that is not something other than being better perceived than the competition. In our opinion there are possibilities for many media to sell more by doing it in a different way. Managing exclusively by the denominator seems to me an error that costs jobs and bad results. 84% of the respondents claim a better argument, the center of competitiveness, “says Leo Farache, general director of More Quota.

This study has been directed by Raúl Domingo, managing partner of Know Media. And it has been done with the collaboration of AMPE and the Marketing Association.

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