How much does a Marketing Director charge?

The salary range of executives and executives is always an interesting fact for different reasons. In the first place, because it serves as an orientation information depending on the sector and functional area and on the other because it has become a fundamental indicator for professionals in full development of their career.

CVexplorer has just presented its latest study on the salaries of the directors of the most common functional areas, among which are the Financial Management, Human Resources, Operations Management, Marketing & Commercial and IT Management. The data of this study have been extracted from the salary indicated by each user in his CVexplorer profile and represent the average salary based on the functional area.

For CVexplorer, the only exclusive meeting point for candidates and headhunters in Spain, the fact of having a reference on the salary ranges in which the directors of the most common areas are found can be very interesting for professionals to guide their career to a specific area: “Knowing the salary ranges of this segment is a great help to understand the labor market and how we can move in it to find new opportunities,” says Ricardo Tejedor, Managing Director of CVexplorer.

Salary Range by Functional Area

The average salary of the directors of the analyzed areas is around 75,000 $ / year gross. However, there are some differences between them. According to the data of this study, the Directors with a higher salary are the financial ones, which are around $80,000 per year.

Human Resources Directors and Operations Directors have a salary range of approximately $74,000. The Marketing and Commercial Directors, on the other hand, reach a salary of about $71,000 most of the time.

Paradoxically, one of the areas that is currently in full development compared to the globalized world and new technologies, is the one that presents a lower remuneration for its professionals. The IT Director has an average salary range that reaches, for very little, $70,000.

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