Advertising strategies for a new communication model

The first day of the Innoweek that has been held at Arena has analyzed, from the hand of José Antonio Ortega, from PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Kika Samblás, from Grupo Consultores, the opportunities of the brands in the new advertising environment.

Arena Media Communications, integrated media boutique of Havas Media, celebrated this morning the first day of conferences of Innoweek in which the new situation faced by advertisers faced with the new paradigm of communication created by the development of the digital media. José Antonio Ortega, managing partner of PWC, developed the new communication strategies aligned with the new reality of the business and stressed that the possibilities of achieving an effective message for brands depends on the capacity and speed of adaptation to new media. In particular, it pointed to mobile platforms, videogames and social networks as more interesting supports in the immediate future. “The observation” assured Ortega,

For his part, Kika Samblás defined in his speech, entitled “New Communication Models”, the concept of brand as a feeling based on intuition, an intuition that generates confidence and makes you make a decision. To manage that trust, she demands a new way of working both in the agencies and in the marketing teams of the advertisers themselves. The agencies must establish teams of multidisciplinary collaborators while in the marketing teams should insist on the training and the transversality of the work of the different departments. For Samblás flexibility is one of the most important aspects to take into account when facing the new communication model, “flexibility in the teams to be able to incorporate external talent,

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