The Online Experience, decisive in the perception of the client about a brand or product

Recently, the company Affilinet analyzed the main challenges facing brands today, and presents the most effective tools so that they can continue to develop their business, expanding audiences and generating more sales. What is a brand? What are the keys for a brand to survive and position itself in such a changing market?

Factors such as the wide range of services and products available in the market, the current economic situation or the recent VAT increase are, today, some of the main concerns of companies to get loyal and recurring customers. However, the key component to achieve consumer loyalty to a brand is, without doubt, the shopping experience.

According to a study by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the United Kingdom, consumers’ perception of a brand differs greatly from their subsequent shopping experience. Apparently, there is a high risk of losing customers if these experiences do not match those promised in marketing campaigns.

?? The experience of buying a consumer before a brand is one of the main factors that must be taken into account when preparing and managing a marketing campaign, mainly online. The integration of multiple navigation tools and applications makes it easier for that experience to be more and more optimal, “says Cristina Berzal, director of affilinet. The online market is dynamic, innovative and permanently changing, as well as quick in creating new ways to generate a sale; for this reason, it is essential to have tools that generate effective and reliable impacts to ensure that consumers not only buy, but that they are repeat customers and trust the brand, “adds Cristina Berzal.

In this sense, some affiliation tools facilitate the development of a segmented and effective marketing strategy, with a considerably lower cost than usual, which provides better and greater access to the products of a specific brand:

  • Drive the purchase : the price of a product is the main factor that influences positively or negatively when buying an item; What’s more, 22% of online customers choose to buy at a specific supermarket for the price. Therefore, the catalogs of products on offer, discount codes or promotional bonuses are very effective affiliation tools both to generate traffic to the online store and to get a direct sale.
  • Monitor the operation of purchasing tools : knowing what products customers buy is valuable information for brands. The affilinet purchase analysis technology, basket tracking, allows you to monitor the purchase behavior of the users and to carry out a detailed follow-up of the items in the shopping basket. This information allows brands to obtain specific data in order to offer a segmented offer to each type of customer and achieve a greater sales conversion.
  • Measure and analyze the results : the technology of the affiliation platforms allows the measurement of the results obtained in a campaign. In affilinet we have a large team of experts in measurement and analysis of results, who check daily the effectiveness of the tools implanted in a campaign, which are linked to the user’s online experience. Cristina Berzal comments.

These actions allow the brand to approach the client and offer what they are looking for, not only in terms of prices and availability of products, but also in the experience that the user obtains, by visiting the page. Therefore, from affilinet we insist on the need to offer a precise strategy adapted to each brand, in order to achieve the sales results and optimization of the allocated resources.

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