Socialize knowledge as a marketing tool

We live in a fascinating moment for innovative marketing and branding actions, which are actively nourished especially by the new communication tools through Social Networks and Internet. Everything can be created and fed with the reactions of the message recipients, until a global message of local interest is achieved.

In this context, we must bear in mind that communication has changed forever: from now on nothing will be the same since the irruption of global interaction networks through the Internet. Our way of communicating and attracting attention to our brand will never be the same.

In this way, brands no longer only perform marketing actions through simple ads with the message: “Buy!”. Now, brands socialize and are these brands that through the socialization of knowledge get the sympathy of their viewers. The ad is no longer the classic “spot”, now multiple and innovative brand marketing and popularization tools are used, using the feedback of collective knowledge socialized through the network.

As a clear example of this socialization of collective knowledge, Fotolia launched an unusual action with excellent effects for the popularization of its brand: several of the best digital artists in the world created 10 works and proposed, through the Internet, all artists in each Corner of the world, send their own interpretations on creations. Everything seems to indicate that the new edition in 2013 will be a new success, for the creators and for the brand. The complicity between actors and artists around the world was clear through the thousands of messages sent on social networks Facebook and Twitter (@fotolia), and the high participation in the initiative.

These are new ways to reach the community, and to interact deeply with the components – in the case we have discussed it is a community of graphic designers – with methods much deeper than an advertising campaign.

We do not talk about sponsored content or sponsored information spaces: we talk about new experiences of shared knowledge with artists in all parts of the planet, sharing not only wisdom and artistic talent, but also the different ways of expressing concepts through a design or Of an image. And the community, applying the rule of socialized knowledge, shares with the artist his ways of working.

All this under the support and promotion of a brand, which thanks to this type of socialized knowledge, is able to overcome traditional marketing to place its brand in positions of privileged leadership, and, why not say so, Your target market in a much more intimate way conquering the viewer to turn it into an evangelist of your brand or product.

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