Netvibes, a great tool for the Community Manager

The task of the Community Manager is often multidisciplinary, and, in the vast majority of cases, it is necessary to perform content healing tasks.

This happens whether we are Community Managers of a brand or our own personal brand. If we work as Community Managers, we must locate interesting content throughout the Internet, not only to share it with our community and our audience, but also to read and train ourselves.

Fortunately for us, there are several tools that make this work much easier, tools without which it would be impossible to locate content of value between the vast territory that the web represents and the large amount of straw existing in it.

For this reason, Community Managers can use the same Social Networks as content healing tools, since users share with us the most interesting news and articles in their opinion, recommending to the rest of the users the most relevant they have found in the Web.

Unfortunately, there are still many people among the same professionals who do not give content cure or the importance or place they should have within a Social Media strategy despite the importance of this work is crucial, since it is the starting point for news editors or articles. But not only that, it supposes the beginning of the strategy of viralization: without content there is no diffusion.

To avoid having to look for the needle in the haystack, we can also use other tools, such as Google alerts, that allow us to get the most relevant news or articles on a certain topic to reach us comfortably by email, without having to worry about searching for them.

But undoubtedly, the best ally for content curation are news aggregators, such as Netvibes. These are virtual platforms that allow us to add the urls of the portals that we often read, so we do not need to surf or go around the web to locate the content that interests us, it is about agglutinating all our favorite portals in a single In addition, it is possible to organize them into tabs, depending, for example, on their subject.

If we need more differentiation still, Netvibes, for example, allows us to create different desktops in which to add different content according to our needs.

Another useful tool when it comes to locating content are the Twitter lists, since they allow each user to be classified within a specific thematic group.

There is no doubt about the importance of the Content Curator, although its work is carried out very often by other professionals, such as the Community Manager, who in most cases assumes his functions, but the truth is that This professional, the Content Curator, should be present in organizations and companies, since he is an expert selecting relevant information at all times.

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