Mobile Internet users and their consumption habits: What you should know

There is a lot to know about the mobile Internet industry, for example, that this industry in reached a turnover of 157,000 million euros in 2011, and that consumers have used this channel to purchase products, previously consulted on the Internet, which represent 38 billion in consumption.

However, the main intention of this post is to convince you of only one thing, and that is that you start thinking about the following options for your business: making a mobile website for the different mobile devices or adapting it to the requirements of those devices through of responsive or responsive web design, that you start placing ads for mobile devices or better yet that you make a mobile application for your users and potential customers. 

For this, perhaps the following 5 facts can convince you:

Smartphones are almost indispensable and tablets are on the rise

Recent data from comScore and Google indicate that 44% of the population has a Smarphone. 68% of those users do not leave home without it and keep it on all the time. This represents a great opportunity for companies to reach their target audience at any time and anywhere.

On the other hand, a recent study carried out by the Online Business School reveals that 6.2% are already holders of a Tablet. Additionally, of all Internet traffic, tablets already represent 1.5% of the access media.

Smartphones have a great influence on the behavior of consumers

If you are a user of a smartphone, surely this point will sound familiar, for example how many times you are not reviewing the reviews of this or that product, restaurant or bar. Even better, how many times have you consulted while doing another activity such as moving or watching television, if you identify with the latter, you are part of the 37% who do and part of the 79% who check their Smartphone while doing other activities. Therefore, a campaign in offline media can be finished, for example, with a good mobile web page.

Users look for local information

While the Internet is a global source of information, 88% of Smartphones users tend to make local inquiries and 86% of them make a subsequent action such as a purchase or contact the companies. This emphasizes the importance of including your company’s data on your website and, above all, optimizing your site for local results.

Smartphones and tablets major consumer platforms

82% of users have made inquiries related to a product or service and 26% have used their device as a means of purchase. That is why online reviews about products, services and places is increasingly relevant to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

As for tablets, WSI, indicates that 63% of users of these devices have used it to make purchases online. This represents a great potential for all those who use e-commerce as a sales channel, since the tablet market is still at an early stage of development.

83% of users see mobile ads In

addition to mobile ads, smartphones are a complement to offline ads, since 68% of users have made a search after watching an ad on television or on the street .

In summary, it is increasingly important to complement an online marketing strategy with a Mobile Marketing strategy since the fact that smart phones, and in general mobile devices, are becoming a common means of Internet access is imminent. .

On the other hand, adapting your website to the demands of Smartphones and tablets is fundamental, since the users of these devices tend to look for more concise information, that is, they are going to the point. This is compressible if we take into account that when operating a Smartphone we usually do it with one hand and we do not have the patience to press through a maze of links, in addition that the screens are considerably smaller, which complicates the reading of extensive contents. That’s why it’s worth considering the option of making an exclusive website for mobile devices.

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