Marketing: Never without training, innovation or emotion

It is not enough to have the most qualified Marketing and Advertising professionals and to acquire state-of-the-art technology to make a company competitive. Instead of trusting a group with individual talents, it is necessary to encourage each member of the group to become an integral and active part of the team, that the people who make the work environment be integrated with each other to achieve goals. common and, consequently, improve ideas, creativity, innovation and performance.

Based on this conviction, the Brazilian audiovisual firm TVA, decided to give a change in their work procedures and bet on the improvement, in the camaraderie and in the autonomy of the advertising team. For this, the organization decided to send professionals to a different and innovative training that in practice leads to differentiation and obtaining ideas and performance from five emotions: sadness, anger, love, fear and joy. Needless to say, it has the tremendous importance of emotions in the universe of Marketing and Advertising.
The TVA is a firm that focuses on the business of products and services such as digital cable television, WiMAX, etc. We are talking about a company that was a pioneer in the Brazilian market, when starting the first tests with certain technologies that are now considered to be cutting-edge. This firm also stands out for being the first to offer pay-per-view digital cable television in Brazil in 2004, and products such as TVA Portable (Slingbox) as well as the exclusive high-definition transmission of the 2006 Soccer World Cup.
According to Andrea Blank, Advertising Director of the TVA, the idea of ​​taking employees to participate in an innovative Marketing training It arose from the need to encourage professionals to successfully overcome the challenges demanded by the highly competitive market in this sector. Another important detail was the fact that the company’s Marketing team was immersed in a clearly differentiated environment from the work environment, which is undoubtedly an incentive when it comes to getting out of the routine and providing new stimuli and situations capable of encourage creativity.
Marketing and Advertising professionals they are required to maintain an attitude of continuous innovation with large doses of creativity in their work. This makes it necessary not to neglect training and professional awareness in order to be protagonists in a process of continuous improvement. Undoubtedly, audacious and innovative training must accompany any team or professional of Marketing throughout their professional career, with a clear emphasis on attitudes and emotions.

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