Is your business prepared for the mobile marketing revolution?

It is no great surprise to hear in our media the great technological advances, which are changing rapidly and constantly.

A consumer who was recently enjoying his new mobile device, it is only a matter of months before a new and improved device comes to market, when he was just beginning to use his recent technological acquisition. Due to the rapid global growth in the use of Smarthphones, Tablet, among other mobile devices, a new need arises that we must adapt if we really want to maintain our competitiveness in the market.

Daily multiple websites are visited by millions of users and these for most of the day they do from their mobile devices. Such a topic for many companies may not be a priority however, ignoring it can become a much more costly mistake. Now, if we know that these changes are happening, the question is; Have you ever considered adapting your website to a mobile interface? Do you know how to start? Let me share some tips and recommendations to take into account.

If you do not have a website yet, I can recommend that when designing and programming your website, take into account that it is developed with a compatible interface to navigate from different mobile devices. If you already have a website and it is not compatible to be seen on mobile devices, then you need to adapt it so that users can navigate from their devices since we can not ignore that mobile web traffic will continue to increase in the coming years.

Depending on the programming language in which your website is designed, I can recommend that you consult with a professional who can identify the best option when adapting the interface of your website. Typically, HTML5 / CSS3 programming is used . With this program your website will be able to recognize the mobile users and automatically adapt to the screen of their devices. This will give users who visit your website a better experience by browsing and interacting more quickly on the site.

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind when consulting an expert for mobile web development:

  • If you are starting to organize yourself to program your website from scratch, make sure it really is compatible and adapts to the mobile interface.
  • If you already have a website you should reprogram the website language and its style sheet. Ask your programmer about this topic.
  • If you are looking to redesign your website completely, it is a good option to start from scratch with the programming of the mobile interface and thus show a new image, modern and updated to your customers.
  • If you use a CMS like wordpress or joomla there are templates that you can buy and find help when you install it and configure the new structure of the website. (This option can be applied if you are looking to save a little on specialized programming).
  • If you like to maintain a flawless corporate image, then consult a professional who can advise you to develop a 100% customized mobile interface.

Note: There are some portals where they offer the option to convert your website to mobile version however, from my point of view they are not very good aesthetically and you must be paying a membership to make your site available, I would not know if you can work For your business but personally I would not recommend it for the time being.

Some benefits: When you decide to adapt your website to the mobile interface, not only will it allow you to reach more users, you must take into account that if your website is profitable through the creation of content, users will thank you when you have an interface Mobile to read the contents from their mobile devices. I can not overlook the additional benefits that will allow you to develop new mobile marketing ideas for your business using strategies like: qr codes, mobile ecommerce, text messages, among others.

You ask yourself what about mobile applications , considering the development of a mobile application is a subject that requires much more analysis because of the complexity of its development and feasibility for a business before investing in it. But if you do not already have a mobile interface, the primary recommendation is that you can start by developing it before going to the next level as are mobile applications.

Certainly adapting to the changes is not easy but if necessary. If you really want to survive in the midst of a world that becomes more competitive every day, you have to know that it will not be the greatest and the most powerful that survive, but the ones that adapt more rapidly to the changes of this era, for that; It’s time to adapt your website to mobile interface and mobilize your business from today!

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