Almost half of the brands lack the resources to create unique and quality content

We know that the content is the king, and like any monarch who honors himself, he needs a court of subjects to attend to his requests, as well as advisers who guide him when making his decisions. In this way, his reign will be just and wise, he will know what demands his audience has and what to do at any moment. In the case of content, the same happens, its high value loses strength and is wasted if it is not surrounded by trained personnel to get the maximum benefit.

I eport published by Ragan in collaboration with NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions evaluates the current state of professional Social Media, has revealed that 65% of companies gives high importance to the work related to social communication, To the point that it places it as one of the main tasks to be performed by its staff. These employees face a work overload, which prevents them from properly performing their functions.

The lack of time and staff make it difficult to manage the online presence of brands:

2 out of 3 companies pointed to these factors as the main barriers to measuring the company’s activity in Social Media. According to Econsultancy, 42% of brands do not have the resources to create unique content and quality, while 35% refers to budget shortages. IDG Research, Indicates that 1 in 3 B2B companies do not have the skills needed to develop an effective content marketing strategy

What are the objectives of companies for next year? 

According to the CMI (Content Marketing Institute), 91% of companies plan to create quality content. Here are your goals for 2013:

  • 52% have proposed improving the budget for content marketing
  • 51% want to produce enough content
  • For 49%, it is essential to provide content that attracts its target audience
  • 42% intend to create content of diverse nature
  • 41% will measure the effectiveness of their actions in Social Media

How can they fulfill these purposes? 

Outsourcing could be an effective solution to this lack of resources. This method is becoming more widespread, and allows the expertise and experience of professionals specialized in the field. According to Freelancer, 48% of SMEs recognize that they can count on this kind of services, which would otherwise be impossible. This is a growing trend, which has seen an increase in demand especially in the sectors related to the internet and new technologies.

With this support, our king will be able to maintain his status and his reign will be effective for both the court and his subjects.

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