Three Tips for Controlling Nuisance Birds

Nuisance birds are a real problem for many homes and businesses across the UK. Unlike the control of rodents or insects, which can be done with poisons, traps or pesticides, killing or harming wild birds is illegal in the UK. This means more creative management and prevention methods need to be applied. We take a look at three top tips for dealing with nuisance birds. Continue reading Three Tips for Controlling Nuisance Birds

Gingivitis – five ways in which to minimise the risks

Gum disease is surprisingly common, surprisingly painless − to begin with − and surprisingly bad for your dental and overall health. Your gums protect and support your teeth and need to be kept healthy to keep your teeth healthy − and not just your teeth. Studies have shown that people with gingivitis are more likely to suffer from heart disease or problems controlling their blood sugar. Continue reading Gingivitis – five ways in which to minimise the risks

What are the 5 benefits of financial planning software?

Financial planning is very important since one not only needs to look out for the finances for the present but also for the future. No one knows what kind of financial emergencies and liabilities may arise in the future – for example children’s education, emergency medical care, a celebration or a tragedy in the family, and hence one needs to take all this into account to ensure that one has enough financial flexibility for the future. There are various experts in the market who can help one plan for the finances. But the best thing to do is to use a financial planning software. Not only does this method of financial planning cost less but it is also more efficient. Let us look at the various benefits of using such a software. Continue reading What are the 5 benefits of financial planning software?

Why facebook fans matter to businesses

Facebook for businesses

Facebook has made its way so deeply into our lives that it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use Facebook these days. Everyone you know will probably have a Facebook account. Because of this social media revolution the business sphere has also followed potential and existing customers onto Facebook. It provides an opportunity to easily target people who are interested in your products instead of expensive advertising that targets everyone in an effort to catch prospective customers. It ends up saving time and money especially since the cost of running a Facebook page can be as low nothing if you do it yourself. Continue reading Why facebook fans matter to businesses

3 ways to make your work area greener

Enjoying a green lifestyle is also about make overall improvements in our life. A common way is to take environmentally-friendly methods at home, but we could also do this at work. People spend much of their lives indoors, not only in the house, but also at work. This could equal to 40 hours each week inside our office room or cubicle. Whether you are marketing associates, office assistants or intern students at big companies, it is likely that we will spend much of our time inside these small spaces. In this case, it is important to make our workspace energy efficient and eco-friendly. Here are simple changes we could do: Continue reading 3 ways to make your work area greener

6 ways to prevent online fraud

There are many types of fraud in the cyberspace and scammers could easily steal our money by using different kinds of tricks. Monetary damages could bring multiple negative effects. Victims could lose a significant amount of money and have the personal details distributed in the Internet. As the result, they can become repeated victims of email frauds and other types of frauds.  Continue reading 6 ways to prevent online fraud

How small business can grow their presence through social media?

Many business owners are seeking to make growths, by attracting more leads to their business. Small businesses face common challenges like minimal support staff and limited resources. They often need to do so many things in very little time. Fortunately, there are efficient ways to perform advertising and marketing tasks easily, without heavy investments. Social media allows us to do many great things. Social media is an online platform where people can share, participate, discuss and do many other things. Common social media platforms are MySpace, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading How small business can grow their presence through social media?

GitHub gitting money – $2bn worth

Investors have faith in online source- code.

GitHub have been valued at $2bn after receiving a $250m venture capital.

It is worth than ZenDesk , Yelp and only marginally less than the New York Times.

The site has raised to high popularity and money fast as it was only founded in 2008. The site already has over 10 million users and triples that in monthly visits to the site.

GitHub gitting money

Although reported to be worth $2bn GitHub have neither denied nor confirmed that valuation.

Although a reasonably quick rise to wealth for GitHub it wasn’t necessarily an easy one. They were accused of being gender bias and a female engineer was claiming she was sacked unfairly after persistent harassment from fellow employees.  They’ve faced legal complaints about policies and protecting controversial products.

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