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Where did the T-Shirt come from?

If you are a fan of Farah T Shirts and have found your favourites at places like  then you may be wondering where the TShirt actually came from. Here is a quick guide to the beginnings of the TShirt.

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The concept of the TShirt began around the time of the Spanish World War and a long one-piece garment was given to the US Navy to wear underneath their clothing. In 1902 this onesie style outfit was adapted to be a two piece item with the top having a round neck and long sleeves. They were still worn as undergarments.

By 1938 a short sleeved version had been designed and was being sold by Sears as underwear. It wasn’t until the 1950s and 1960s that the garment became popular in the mainstream and worn as outerwear. This was thanks, in part, to Marlon Brando who wore one in the film ‘A Street Car Named Desire.’

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Pop culture took the TShirt as its imagery during the 1970s and the 1980s and the popularity of these tops swept across the globe and we now have numerous different options available to us from plain simple TShirts through to the more stylish ones mentioned above as well as those emblazoned with quotes and sayings that are popular with movie, book and song lovers.

Make-up and Mental Health: Uncovering the Correlation?

For many women across the UK, the thought of leaving the house without make-up is unbearable. Whether it is a full face of foundation to cover up an uneven skin tone, mascara to reduce the plucked-chicken look or just a swipe of lip-gloss, it can be a need that baffles non-make-up wearers. But whatever your stance on make-up is, you can’t deny that some women don’t feel comfortable or confident without it. Continue reading Make-up and Mental Health: Uncovering the Correlation?