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Why do you want to run a restaurant?

Opening a restaurant remains the dream of many people. However, before taking the plunge, it is useful to think about why you really want to run a restaurant. What are your expectations and motivation to make this business decision? There are so many types of cuisine, trends and health considerations. Here are some of the motivation to want to run a restaurant:

You are a dedicated Foodie

For those with a burning desire for food, running a restaurant might feel like the call to be answered. However, a passion for food and business acumen do not always come together, so be sure to get someone to help you with the business side of things.

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You have the right experience

The owner of a successful restaurant will have a lot of previous experience in the hospitality and catering industry, unless they have a lot of money to hire a crack team of professionals to do it for them! You need appropriate solid professional experience. This does not mean you cannot do it, make sure you get some relevant experience and understand the risks before pouring all your hard-earned savings to open a restaurant. Don’t forget food safety either. For help from Food safety Consultants, visit a site like MQM, suppliers of Food safety Consultants

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You always wanted to be your own boss

Running a restaurant is all-consuming. If all you’re looking for is something to invest your money and leisure time in, the restaurant business is probably not ideal. To run a successful restaurant takes up all your time, requires a genuine food passion, a desire to satisfy the customer and complete dedication.

Getting the most from your digital signage

Digital signage systems are a highly effective advertising technique. When used to the best of their ability, they can effectively attract new customers and create a strong call to action in just seconds. Here are some handy tips for using your digital signage to the best of its ability:

  1. Getting to grips with the essential elements

During the planning stage of a marketing strategy, it’s great to fully understand the details of what you’re working with. A solid foundation is crucial for all projects and for signage, it pays to think ahead by considering some of the following factors:

  • Content

What is it you want to display? Understanding how to create and stage that eye-catching content is the key to a successful signage campaign. For advice and help with your Digital Signage needs, contact for more information.

  • Location

Where will your signage be placed? Will it be fixed in position or portable? You’ll want to position in an area of high footfall to make the most of engagement possibilities.

  • Size

You’ll need to decide on measurements and consider what distance you want the sign to be visible from.

  • Originality

Try to avoid showing content that is repetitive. If it always displays the same information, people will switch off and ignore it. This can be avoided by regularly updating the display content and of course, avoiding any screen errors.

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  1. Engagement strategy

Once you’ve got to grips with the above points, you can refine your techniques. Interactive signage is increasingly popular as a way to conduct an interesting campaign. Keeping abreast if current technology means you can adapt to new ways of displaying information and allowing more interactivity with your audience. Why not consider gauging opinion with touch screen options or use a wireless connection that people can interact with using their mobile phones.

  1. Mobile compatibility

Most of today’s world are viewing it through a mobile device and you can capitalise on this too. Consider including a QR code on signs for users to connect and save the information to return to later.

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  1. Community working

Companies that already utilise digital signage have discovered ways to generate additional income streams form them. You could too by selling advertising space. Perhaps a nearby business is in a similar or complementary field to you and you could lease space to them by having cyclical content to advertise both businesses. Work together with the local community

  1. Monitor progress

No strategy is worth a dime unless it’s monitored for effectiveness. Spend some time analysing the trends in your market, keeping up with what the customer wants next so you can design valuable digital content to draw them in on your next campaign. Staying ahead of the game is important if you want your digital signage campaign to be effective and successful.


What should you do with an inheritance?

If you have recently inherited money and you are not sure what to do with it, you should take some time to weigh up your options. This is because there are lots of ways to spend an inheritance; you could save it, you could invest it or you could use it to pay off debts.

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Here are a few things to consider if you have recently inherited money.

Paying Off Debt

If you have personal loan debt or credit card debt, you should consider using some of the money to pay off the debt. This is because most debt comes with interest (especially personal loan debt), so the longer you wait to pay it off, the more you will spend. However, this only really applies to high-interest debt; a mortgage is also debt, but it isn’t high interest, so there is less urgency to pay it off.

Think About Hiring A Financial Advisor

If you have inherited a large sum of money, you may want to think about hiring a financial advisor. This is because financial advisors have lots of experience with both investing and saving, so they will help you to get the most out of your money. For instance, there is software for financial advisers that makes it possible for them to create a personal, tailor-made plan that suits you and your inheritance. You can find out more about this by visiting

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Investing The Money

Finally, you could consider investing the money. This can feel like a big risk, but if you do some research, you could get a steady return on your investment. However, we do suggest that you speak to a financial advisor before doing this, especially if you have no experience with investing. This reduces your chance of making a poor investment.

Saving The Money

If you don’t have any high-interest debt, you might want to save the money for a rainy day. In the future, you could buy a house with the money, or you could leave it to your children. Either way, it is often a smart move to use the money as a safety blanket for you and your family. If you decide to do this, make sure that you find a savings account that will increase the money rather than decrease it.


Clients change, but do they change the service provided by banks and savings banks in their branches?

Popular wisdom says, and it seems that we all agree, that technology is changing the way people work in the branches and offices of credit institutions. It is not uncommon to hear that branches have died at the hands of Internet banking or that mobile phones will no longer mean that you need to go to the offices in person. If we add to that a bit of reconversion of the financial sector and a redimensioning of the distribution networks, it seems that everything would point in that direction. Continue reading Clients change, but do they change the service provided by banks and savings banks in their branches?

Company reputation and the responsibility of the commercial

All companies start as someone’s idea, maybe a small group of partners, a family business, a couple, among friends. And when businesses start, the image of the company, the brand, the reputation go directly from the people who initiate it. It is a strong footprint, that remains, lasting, because it comes drenched with that energy that created the business in the first moment.  Continue reading Company reputation and the responsibility of the commercial

The opening effect: 10 keys to successfully open our trade

In any company the first day of activity is exciting, with expectations for the future, wanting to have a first customer … But in retail, the first day is “the big day”, the day of lifting the blind and causing a great Print; and with the right management it will go down in history as the day, the week or perhaps the month in which it had the “opening effect”. Continue reading The opening effect: 10 keys to successfully open our trade

Advertisers foresee a sharp fall in advertising investment. Internet follows Unstoppable

According to the latest data and forecasts from the panel of Zenthinela advertisers, advertisers forecast a strong fall in advertising investment of 3.9 percent for this month of December.

Although 2011 began with a slight optimism, during its course and almost at the end of the year, there has not been the “expected recovery” that in other years has been experiencing the hand of seasonal products. As a result, the advertising investment falls back to be placed in figures of the ‘past century’. Continue reading Advertisers foresee a sharp fall in advertising investment. Internet follows Unstoppable

Professionals, Experience and Price, the three most determining aspects when choosing consulting

The team of professionals (37.0%), the experience in the business (34.1%) and the price (29.9%) are the three most important aspects when choosing a consultant in a selection process.

These data are derived from the II prScope Study carried out by Grupo Consultores, which includes the opinions of the main communication managers of 211 companies throughout. Continue reading Professionals, Experience and Price, the three most determining aspects when choosing consulting

The big brands and advertisers intend to invest more in media and social networks

Companies hire staff, while increasing spending and improving the planning of their efforts in social networks.

During the summer of 2011, executives from Booz & Co. and Buddy Media conducted a Fortune 100 survey among company managers for their “Capabilities: Social Media and Marketing campaign.” Among the conclusions of this study stands out the need to make investments in the entire spectrum of social networks. Booz & Co. and the Buddy Media study pointed out that these will be the recipients of the highest percentage of total spending on digital marketing in the next three years. Continue reading The big brands and advertisers intend to invest more in media and social networks