Companies hire staff, while increasing spending and improving the planning of their efforts in social networks.

During the summer of 2011, executives from Booz & Co. and Buddy Media conducted a Fortune 100 survey among company managers for their “Capabilities: Social Media and Marketing campaign.” Among the conclusions of this study stands out the need to make investments in the entire spectrum of social networks. Booz & Co. and the Buddy Media study pointed out that these will be the recipients of the highest percentage of total spending on digital marketing in the next three years.

67% of the respondents allocated less than 5% of the total expenditure to social networks. But when asked about how things would be in three years, 32% said that investment in digital marketing will be between 5% and 10%. 27% predict that it will be from 10% to 20%. An additional 28% of respondents believe that social networks will account for more than 20% of their investment in digital marketing at that time.

Where does that money go? When asked about where they are investing, 57% of respondents said that in hiring full-time employees. In addition, 48% highlighted the services provided by the partners, 39% said that the budget was allocated to the creation of more content and 38% mentioned the purchase of media.

Currently, 65% of respondents said they have plans to improve their policies on social networks, 63% for the integration of social networks in global marketing plans and 59% to monitor social networks and responsiveness fast

Looking ahead, 56% admit that they are studying how to use the ideas they collect from consumers in the network, or will do so shortly, and 47% will plan how to use key performance indicators and scorecards. Interestingly, 41% of respondents said they are not planning to build new platforms for their content. Only 15% are concerned about this issue for now, although 44% say they will take care of it soon.

As the idea of ​​developing marketing plans in social networks matures, it is necessary to determine the strategies that will impact consumers and invest their budgets and resources appropriately.